Project Native Informant


Subject to Shadowban

M+ Hong Kong

On show at M+ Mediatheque, Subject to Shadowban, commissioned by, reflects critically on the history and culture of the Internet. Specifically, how does the internet relate to labour and identity formation, and how we can challenge our everyday habituation to its omnipresence?

Is Meta a company, or the general state of being online? What subliminal messaging is influencing me as I fall asleep to ASMR videos? How do algorithmically curated choices interact with our free will? Do I gain comfort watching mukbang videos and cleaning tutorials, or anxiety? How are teen hype houses on social media influencing elections? Could video games be used as social experiments for implementing new economic systems? Can we hack the digital classroom? What, if any, online experiences remain that don’t relate back to a consumptive practice?

Tech now defines us — not the other way around. It is not just a neutral instrument, a means to an end, but has become our way of understanding the world, evolving at a pace that is beyond our control. While the web was intended to enlighten us and make truth accessible to all, we find ourselves foraging and wandering in the shadows for it. Feeling our way in the dark, this is where we might be able to see more clearly.

Works on show include: 

10,000 Words: Seasonal Associate byAda O’Higgins

After Scarcity by Bahar Noorizadeh

Classrooms by Shawn Maximo

Couture Critiques by Mandy Harris Williams

Degrees of Disgust by Will Benedict and Steffen Jørgensen

DOMESTIC/STANDARD by Nicholas Korody 

Eulogy for a Black Mass by Aria Dean

General Intellects with McKenzie Wark: Sianne Ngai by DIS

Once Upon a Who? by Simon Fujiwara

September 5th, 2006 by Jacob Hurwitz-Goodman

The Bots by Eva and Franco Mattes

When Guys Turn 20 by Joshua Citarella and Jacob Hurwitz-Goodma

Units 1 and 3
48 Three Colts Lane
London E2 6GQ
United Kingdom

Project Native Informant will be closed for Summer Break from 27 July - 20 August 2024. 

Juliana Huxtable's solo exhibition will open 02 October 2024.

Wednesday - Saturday
12:00 - 18:00