Project Native Informant

Sophia Al-Maria, Sin Wai Kin

More, More, More

TANK, Shanghai

TANK Shanghai presents More, More, More, a large-scale international exhibition featuring new commissions and existing artwork by 28 international artists and groups.

More, More, More is a reference to a popular disco song from the mid-’70s, released by The Andrea True Connection. It features several musical elements that epitomize the aesthetic excess of early electronic dance music, such as verbal innuendo, a consistent “four on the floor” beat, lush studio strings, and, especially, excessive repetition.

The use of repetition in music—like in all media— changes our perception of the thing repeated. If excessively repeated, a familiar word may sound like gibberish, gain a double meaning, or transform into a different kind of speech act. [For example, when the word “more” is sung or emphasized repeatedly in English, it sounds more like the Chinese pronunciation of “mo, mo, mo,” meaning “touch, touch, touch!”] Through this process, the “meaning” of a word breaks down. It loses its conventional function as a fixed signifier for something else, becoming a more sensuous kind of object, lying somewhere between locution and music, symbol and noise, or the mind and the mouth.

This exhibition embraces a similar attitude of sensorial play, extra-linguistic excess, and mutable meaning as the old hit song from the 1970s. Working with the textures of a text, the sonority of language, the traces in a translation, or even the relationship between the visible and the microbial, More, More, More features art that works to open the field of artistic experience to a diversity of phenomena. In ways large and small, the artists and collectives in this exhibition break from the grim persistence of philosophical traditions that fuse knowledge with sight, allowing for new possible meanings, re-affixed to the body, to emerge.  

Through different modes of making, the artists in this exhibition direct our attention to the methods of embodiment that facilitate even the most normalized techniques of knowledge production (such as reading a map or watching a TED Talk on YouTube). Many also illuminate the divergences between the experience of bodies on the one hand and the words and images used to give a body its identity on the other. Collectively and individually, the artworks in More, More, More possess a dynamic potential through which new orientations to knowledge can be sensed--  which, as art audiences, we should be inclined to emulate.

More, More, More is curated by Passing Fancy (X Zhu-Nowell and Frederick Nowell) with the support of Elise Armani and organized by TANK Shanghai.

Units 1 and 3
48 Three Colts Lane
London E2 6GQ
United Kingdom

Wednesday - Saturday
12:00 - 18:00